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Have You Ever Taken A Practice Golf Swing At A Dandelion?

Dear Fellow Golfer,

What would your golf score be if you could hit golf balls like you hit dandelions? Pretty good? What would you say if we promised you that score?

Incredible as it may seem, this is exactly what we promise. If you are willing to keep an open mind for a new concept while you read this letter, we can point a way to help you improve your golf score immeasurably in a short time as well as you enjoyment of the game.

The Mental Side of Golf Crystallized into a Workable Formula

How many times have you heard the remark or, possibly, made it, “I can take a practice swing I know is just right, but put a golf ball down and I freeze.”

What is there about the dimpled, white surface of a golf ball that should strike terror into a player about to smash it with a club? It can’t move or strike back. It just sits there waiting patiently, inviting you to hit it.

The pages of a new golf ebook are dedicated to the mental side of golf or, more specifically, to the use of self-hypnosis for control of the mechanical action of the golf swing. The use of self-hypnosis for golf is a new concept and one that will help you, the golfer with all phases of your game. You will learn about the simplest, most effective technique ever devised to help you reduce your score.

What Will They Think of Next?

Your first reaction to the use of hypnosis for improving your golf game will probably be a big smile followed by the comment, “What will they think of next?” It’s not hocus pocus, it’s learning to focus… just like the pros do.

“As a former hypnotherapist and golf professional, I was pleasantly surprised by the book. Not only was it a well referenced good read, but also had very solid, up to date explanations about how hypnosis works. This book really shows us why we have not improved very much in spite of lots of practice. We need to change the subconscious “feel” of our swing, and this book will show you how. This book is a classic, what a great find!” Sean Harder


I have worked as a full time hypnotherapist since 1981 helping golfers reach their peak potential on cue (available on CD & cassette). During this time I have studied dozens of books on golf and this is the best. The chapter “YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND AND ITS APPLICATION FOR BETTER GOLF” contains brilliant insights. The chapter “BETTER GOLF THROUGH MENTAL PICTURES” has techniques I have found to be incredibly effective. This book is a “must read” if you are serious about your game.James H. Schmelter MBA, CHTfull time certified hypnotherapist and provider of hypnotic, subliminal and sleep learning recordings since 1981.www.hypnotictapes.com


Let us examine some interesting facts.

Book stores and libraries have racks filled with volumes on the physical side of golf. Autobiographies by professional golfers reveal, with the frankness of confession story writers, how they “feel” during every movement. Doctors have written golf books dissecting the swing, with detailed descriptions of each part of the anatomy involved.

Theorists treat the aesthetic qualities of both golf and golfers with nuances usually reserved for poetry. Endless “tips” appear in newspapers
and magazines aimed at improving the game of the average player.

Yet, why are there so many players seriously seeking improvement when the golf swing has been completely revealed, charted and plotted with the thoroughness of a geographical map?

  • Why do they find it so difficult to play their way around the course in less than 100 strokes?
  • What keeps them from breaking 90 or coming close to par?
  • How come a player can hit a great shot on one tee and completely shank it on the next?

The average player knows the fundamental movements of the golf stroke, yet falls to play well. It must follow that his failure is in his mental play. Through hypnosis, the way to obtain a mental effect may be explained, understood and put to use. It reveals the mental side of golf with the clarity that high-speed cameras disclose the physical movements of the golf swing.

Self-hypnosis helps the golfer to attain “the subconscious feel” which is imperative to good golf. The subconscious feel has been described as the rhythm you have during a practice swing, or that “sweet feeling” when a stroke is played right. Any conscious effort usually produces muscle tension. This is what is meant when you are told “you are trying too hard.” Your conscious mind is so concerned with the mechanical movements and your desire to hit the ball that it repeatedly produces muscle tension. It is what golfers call “freezing” on a shot.

(BETTER GOLF WITH SELF-HYPNOSIS) We’re not adverse to suggesting unusual approaches to golf swing improvement. You’ll never know what’s
going to work for you unless you try it. Of course, we’ll draw the line when things get too far-fetched, but even though self-hypnosis seem a bit of a stretch, we think it’s worth a peek, especially since the mind plays such a critical role in how well we execute swing mechanics. To this end we’re suggesting a book entitled How You Can Play Better Golf Using Self Hypnosis, by Jack Heise, a sixties publication reissued by Beckwith Publishing of Half Moon Bay, California.
It’s all about how to sublimate the conscious thought that too often foils your attempt to make the good swing of which you know you are capable. The author makes a convincing case for (self) hypnosis, which he says “distracts the conscious
mind and lets the subconscious function.”
Joseph Davidson
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Here Is a Promise for Better Golf

Why is it that the good golfer appears to hit the ball with such ease, while the duffer, “giving it everything he’s got,” appears to be using a rubber-shafted club and a steel ball?

Have you ever strewn divots all the way around a course while concentrating on the theories of the straight arm, steady head, hip turn and right elbow down? You know all there is to know about the mechanics of the golf swing and can recite the theories forwards and backwards. The only thing you don’t understand is your score. It seems the more you know and the harder you try, the worse you get.

If it is true that you know the fundamental movements of the golf stroke yet fall to play well, your failure must be in your mental play.

The Experts Agree

“And just what,” you ask, “Is mental play?” Let’s go to the experts to see what they have to say.

Good Little book …If you are new to ‘Self-Hypnosis’ this book will convince you that it really works. The explanation about the subconscious mind is the best part of this book. It also contains a basic procedure of ‘Self-Hypnosis’–script for relaxation.There are a lot of good phrases in this book. One of my favorites is: “One bad shot followed by another makes a duffer.”Did you notice? The price is very cheap. It’s a good deal

“The average individual,” says sports writer Grantland Rice, “has given almost no attention to mental control, which in golf should be an absence of conscious thinking as the stroke is played.” Psychologists call this automatic mastery a conditioned reflex.

“The subconscious mind is probably the most important factor in being a good golfer. It keeps distractions on the course fromruining a good round. You should practice, develop your swing, and do most of your thinking on the practice tee so that when you play in competition, you can hit the ball automatically.”That’s what Wiffy Cox, the nationally known pro at the Congressional Golf and Country Club in Bethesda, Maryland, has to say about it.

“Trouble shots are surprisingly easy if you activate your imagination. You simply must be able to imagine exactly what flight the ball will take before you can play any shot well,” advises the great Walter Hagen.

The great “Slammin’ Sam” Snead writes: “First and fore-most, you must have confidence. Your second mental problem is concentration. Think the shot through in advance before you address the ball. Draw a mental image of where you want it to go and then eliminate everything else from
your mind, except how you are going to get the ball into that preferred spot.”

When someone mentions that Tiger Woods is mentally tough, the training of his subconscious mind is what they are talking about. Tiger has an uncanny
ability to block just about everything out and focus his subconscious mind on the shot at hand. That’s what makes him a great golfer andthat is what you are going to learn in this eBook.

Here’s More Proof From The Experts

In the popular King Features syndicated newspaper column, “Mirror of Your Mind,” the question was asked of Joseph Whitney: “Can hypnosis improve your golf game?” He answered: “Properly performed, hypnosis is capable of changing mental attitudes at the conscious level. If faulty mental attitudes are responsible for a golfer’s inadequate performance, a change wrought by hypnosis could help him improve his skill.”

“Much of anyone’s game is played (or should be played) in the short six-inch course between the ears,” said Louise Suggs, winner of both the American and British Open Crowns.

Even after you have been over a course many times, it isn’t an easy layout to play, because most of the hazards are created by yourself. Willie Ogg, instructor at the Professional Golfers Association school in Dunedin, Florida, lec-turing on “Tensions and the Psychological Freeze,” put it this way:

“One touch of jitters makes all golfers kin. The ideal is reached when one has only to think of mechanical control for the mechanical action.
This is a matter of inducing self-hypnosis or complete concentration.”

This is the essence of self-hypnosis. Hypnosis distracts the conscious mind and allows the subconscious to function. Through self-hypnosis comes the “subconscious feel.” It is attained in the practice area as a measure for every shot. When you have this subconscious feel, then your swing becomes automatic.

Many professionals do refer to hypnosis. Bobby Jones described his iron-play as “so exceptional I felt I must have been hypnotized.”

You Can Use Your Subconscious Mind For Better Golf

Should the term hypnosis connotate mystery, black magic, stage trickery or fear, disregard it. Upon closer examination, you will find you are not only familiar with it, but have been using it while thinking of it in other terms such as self-discipline, positive thinking, automatic response, muscle memory, suggestion or unconscious desire.

Hypnosis is not a new phenomenon. Its recorded history goes much further back in time than that of the ancient and honorable game of golf. Whereas some authorities claim golf originated with the early Romans in a sport they called “Paganica,” references to hypnosis have been found on stone tablets, unearthed in Greece, dating hack to 3000 B.C.

The only thing new about hypnosis is when you, yourself, become aware of it. Then, its great power to influence the mind becomes known to you. You
will learn to use it effectively, because you will understand how to channel its forces to tap the hidden resources of your subconscious mind.

  • Would you like to curb that “killer instinct” off the tee?
  • Would you like to thaw that psychological freeze when faced with hazards, cure the ‘litters” on the putting green, and put both power and direction in your shot making?
  • This is what you may expect by applying self-hypnosis to your play.

Try It Entirely At Our Risk!

We know you may be hesitant about trying this new approach and because of this we make the following offer:

TRY THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR 90 DAYS. See for yourself the unbelievable results. If you don’t cut strokes, play consistently better golf and derive
greater satisfaction from your golf game
—simply return the book for every cent of your money back.


Fair enough?

The sound, authoritative instructions for using self-hypnosis to improve your golf game are presented in a clear, logical sequence and packed with new golf

You have absolutely nothing to lose! Act today!

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Rod Beckwith
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